Airband receivers and recorders


Sub-miniature digital recorder
This is the latest in high technology. A miniature Panasonic digital recorder measuring just 90 X 60 X 12mm and extremely lightweight, it can be concealed almost anywhere and is ideal for bodyworn use. It uses no tapes and records with crystal clarity using state of the art circuitry. Record time is an amazing 4 hours and 20 minutes and features: simple to operate controls, timer recording, files & folders for quick retrieval, completely silent operation and much more. Works great on it's own and is fully compatible with all our range of receivers and amplifiers.
PRICE: UKú179.00 - US$286.00

Digital voice pen

This high quality pen recorder will record sounds with amazing clarity. It's small light weight design fits neatly into any pocket and will record digitally for up to 8 hours. It comes with a pc interface enabling the recording to be transferred easily to a pc, it has an inbuilt high gain microphone for long range pick up, auto power off, LCD display allowing the user to see  recording time left, digital play back and many more features. The pen comes complete with external connection cable and earpiece.

PRICE: UKú299.00 - US$479.00

Digital 12 & 24 hour VOX recorder

These are high quality miniature digital recorders allowing up to 12 or 24 hours of crystal clear digital recordings and  comes with an interface lead to allow recordings direct from the telephone line. It's features include: ext. sockets,  file system, voice activated operation, digital volume control, user is able to listen and record at the same time, direct connection to a pc  and much more. This recorder is truly the ultimate in recording equipment.

PRICE 12 hour: UKú275.00 - US$440.00
PRICE 24 hour: UKú375.00 - US$600.00

    Airband receiver
    This is our standard airband receiver. It will receive all of our airband
    transmitters located on our low cost page and has the added facility
    to receive mw, lw and ordinary fm. Reception from this receiver is
    excellent and it is powered by 4 X AA type batteries. It comes complete
    with an earpiece and can connect to any standard recorder to record
    any type of transmitter.
PRICE: UKú29.00 - US$48.00


Digital airband scanner

This is the latest in digital technology. Ideal for use with all our low cost transmitters, this receiver features: squelch control, fm, am, air band, and marine band frequencies with 10 memory channels, perfect when using more than one transmitter. It has a digital display and auto search program to locate the transmitter and comes with professional headphones.

PRICE: UKú74.00 - US$119.00

    Miniature airband receiver
    An ideal receiver for situations where an extremely small receiver is required.
    It measures just 70 X 50 X 20mm and is powered by 2 X small AAA
    batteries. It does not have an internal speaker but comes with a small set of
    earphones for discreet monitoring. It will receive the airband frequency only
    and although reception on this receiver is not as good as our standard receiver,
    it serves it's purpose well.
PRICE: UKú39.00 - US$65.00

Airband receiver \ recorder
This is the ultimate receiver \ recorder for use with our low cost
equipment. This model has been fully converted for optimum
sensitivity and ease of use. It will receive fm and airband
frequencies and is voice activated for unattended monitoring.
The recorder section is twin speed and is switchable between
2 hours standard or 6 hour long play. This is our most popular
receiver \ recorder.
PRICE: UKú125.00 - US$208.00

    Pocket sized recorder
    This pocket sized recorder is ideal for use with our airband receiver
    or any items on our amplifier and microphone page. It is voice activated
    and small in size measuring approx. 120 X 100mm. It is powered by 2
    X AA batteries or can be used with a mains powered adaptor. Two
    models are available, standard 2 hour record and playback or 6 hours
    long play.
PRICE: 2 hour UKú59.00 - US$95.00   6 hour UKú74.00 - US$120.00