Professional U.H.F transmitters & receivers

The following transmitters and receivers operate on Ultra High Frequency, (UHF). These
are the ultimate in reliability and quality and are used by professionals worldwide. UHF is used because.....
there is no interference with the reception and the penetrating power is superb. The quality
of sound reproduction with this equipment is excellent and it simple to operate. As with all our
products, this equipment comes with a full lifetime guarantee. All UHF transmitters are
available on channels a, b & c. The UHF range is excellent for professional covert spy surveillance.


High powered room transmitter
This is one of the most advanced room transmitters available today. It is powered by a 3 volt lithium
battery which lasts for 5 day's continuous use and will pick up conversations up
to 40 feet away and transmit to our receiver below with amazing clarity.Used by law enforcment agencies worldwide.
PRICE: 168.00 / $270.00


High powered UHF telephone transmitter
This is our latest high powered UHF telephone transmitter. It measures just 30 X 25 X 8mm
making concealment very easy. It can connect anywhere along the telephone line,
inside a wall socket or even inside the phone itself. It can be used with our receiver
below and will transmit crystal clear telephone conversations up to a distance of 500
metres away.
PRICE: 165.00 / $265.00


UHF pen transmitter
The pen transmitter is an incredibly discreet device for covert monitoring.
It is powered by two small watch type batteries and is fully functional as
a ball pen. It can be received with our receiver below and will transmit up
to a distance of 500 metres away with amazing clarity.
PRICE: 249.00 / $395.00


UHF calculator transmitter
This is a fully functional LCD calculator concealing a hidden transmitter.
It has a special switch to activate the transmitter and will reveal nothing
unusual even under close examination. It can be used with our receiver
below and will transmit up to a distance of 500 metres away. Even when
the transmitter batteries are exhausted, the calculator remains functional.
PRICE: 185.00 / $295.00


UHF ash tray transmitter

This is an ordinary ashtray concealing a hidden transmitter.   It will pick up sounds up to 40 feet away and transmit with amazing clarity. It  can be used as an ashtray without any problems and even under close examination, nothing unusual is revealed. The transmitter is powered by a small battery giving up to 5 day's continuous use.

Price 185.00.....US$295.00



UHF mains adaptor transmitter
For applications where continual access is a problem or battery life is a
consideration, the mains adaptor is ideal. Once fitted, it will transmit crystal
clear conversations up to a distance of 500 metres away and requires no
batteries. It is fully functional and when plugs are inserted, it will continue
to perform. There are two types of adaptors available. UK or US.Please
state this when ordering.
PRICE: 245.00 / $408.00


UHF mobile phone transmitter

The latest addition to our range of UHF transmitters is the mobile phone. We have a selection of mobile phones concealing a hidden UHF transmitter. The transmitter is powered from the phones normal battery and all phones come with a mains charger. Under close inspection, nothing unusual can be seen and they will transmit crystal clear conversations up to 800 metres away. Ideal for any situation as a phone can be accidentally left anywhere and if found, it could not be identified as concealing a transmitter.

Price: 249.00 / $399.00



UHF 2 channel receiver
This is our UHF receiver required to receive the signals from all the transmitters
listed on this page. It is a high gain two channel receiver with excellent sensitivity.
It operates from a standard PP3 battery which lasts for up to 4 day's continual
use and can connect easily to any type of recorder.
PRICE: 248.00 / $399.00